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Welcome Romance Junkies!

I am a true romance junkie.  On average I read over a book a day, totaling over 1,500 romance books read just in the last three years.  In order to “feed” my addiction I have a subscription to Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Over the years I have become frustrated while using Amazon’s book recommendations as a tool to search for new books.  It can be quite cumbersome because the search algorithm displays books you’ve already read and recommends books outside the Kindle Unlimited program.   The end result?  You spend more time searching for books rather than reading them!

This experience has led me to create my own website where romance junkies can gather to quickly find books that I personally have read and recommend.  I’m trying to take the time and hassle out of finding the romance books you want to read, allowing you more time to actually sit, read and enjoy them.  I also want this website to be a place where other romance junkies can make their own recommendations – as a result, I have a Romance Forum.

I hope you enjoy the site and book recommendations.  Please feel free to contact me with any positive or negative feedback.  Happy reading!

My Recommendations/Reviews: How I rate books

I will be rating the books based on the following four criteria:

  • Overall Plot: Its complexity and uniqueness.
  • Character Development: At the end, I feel like I really know the characters.
  • Comparison To Similar Books: It is more enjoyable than many similar category books.
  • Memorable: I will remember the book long after I’ve read it.

My reviews will be direct and straight to the point.  No fluff here.  Please feel free to provide any feedback that will make the reviews more helpful.   Most importantly, I strongly encourage you to agree, disagree and contribute to my review.  I don’t usually read books under 50 pages and have “favorite” romance categories that I have selected for my website. If you would like me to add another category just send me an e-mail.

My Blog: Recommendations sent directly to you

I will be posting to my blog and also will be sending out a weekly newsletter that will include any books I am recommending for that particular week.(Please sign up to receive my news letter) I will also be tagging my front homepage with a “Book of The Week”, so please check back regularly.

My Story: How I became a Romance Junkie

I initially got hooked on romance books after I saw an Oprah Winfrey show on how the book, Fifty Shades of Grey, had inspired couples. I had no idea what the book was about but I picked up a copy at Costco. I brought the book with me to a therapy session for my son and started reading it in the doctor’s office.  Picture this: I was in the waiting room with at least five parents who were watching me read a hard copy of Fifty Shades of Grey. I had no clue what it was about. After about twenty minutes I passed “the chapter” and thought “OMG”!!  I even started laughing aloud because I noticed a few other parents were staring.  This was the first book I had read since my kids were born eight years prior, and needless to say, I immediately became hooked on romance books after finishing it.

I switched to e-books as my addiction grew. Once I started “using” (i.e. reading romance books) I quickly became an addict. I was generating bills of $250.00 a month purchasing Kindle e-books. In order to live with my addiction and not go bankrupt purchasing e-books, I decided to purchase a subscription to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. You basically pay about $10.00 per month for unlimited access to any books tagged under that category. It usually doesn’t include any books on the “best seller” list, but I have found there are great books out there that can satisfy and feed my “addiction”.   Occasionally, I also purchase romance books that are inexpensive or have been recommended to me by a friend. I deem those books “Worth Purchasing” and have created a section on the site just for those types of books.   I try to keep the cost of these books to $2.99 or less.

You will find that I am far from a professional writer. I will try my best to keep my posts grammatically correct. I earn my living as a middle school science teacher and I’m a wife and a mom to three crazy, young high-energy boys. My children have inspired me to create this website and my husband has been my partner in its construction. I’ve wanted to do something that may have the potential to earn a little bit of extra money I need for services for my kids.

Here’s to spending more time reading romance books and less time (and money) searching for them!


The Romance Junkie